How to Buy Clothes for Sex Doll? 

When you buy a sex doll you il probably receive it naked at home or in minimal clothing such as lingerie. Though it is cool, dressing up your sex is a great experience. So, it would be best not to miss out on this in addition, when you buy clothes for your sex doll ou il get unlimited options to create new characters.

You can also immerse in different roleplays based on your sex doll's clothing or do other things to show your creativity. However, buying sex doll clothing can be a daunting task you don't know where to begin. Moreover, if you are a male with no shopping experience for women's clothes, this process will be more complicated.

But no need to worry abut this. Instead, go through this guide and learn how to get proper measurements where to purchase, and other details that need your attention. So, let us dive in and discover the most important thing you need to do before buying clothes for your sex doll. 

How to Measure sex Doll Cloth size?

The biggest challenge you face when purchasing sex doll clothing is getting the proper measurements. Unlike humans,i is not practical to take your sex dol shopping. Even if you get past that people will give you dirty looks. Moreover, getting wrong measurements will result in throwing money down the drain. So, it would be best to measure your sex doll's proportions accurately.
lt may sound like a complicated task, but it is very simple. Below, you can find detailed explanations on measuring each body area correctly:


This measurement is useful for dresses and tops. while measuring keep one end of the measuring tape at the fullest part of the doll's bust. Then, wrap it around its body to get the size, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

Bra size

Getting the right bra size for a sex doll can be difficult if you have not manually chosen her breast size during customization. However, if you want to purchase a bra for your sex addiction it is essential to get the right one. if the bra is tight it will leave lines on the sex doll and if you purchase a loose one. it will not look nice.


Waist measurement is useful for pants jeans skirts, or tight dresses. Most brands use natural waist measurements for their size guides. You can measure your sex doll's natural waist by finding the narrowest part below her rib cage and above her belly button.


Hips measurement is useful for bottoms. You can measure the hip around its fullest part.


This measurement is useful for jeans and trousers lt is the measurement from the doll's ankle to the groin when standing straight. To take this measurement, lay your sex doll down on a flat surface or hang it straight.


It's essential to keep in mind that silicone and TPE might get stained while clothing your sex doll. Color may be easily absorbed by the porous substance, making removal challenging. This does not imply that staining is unavoidable, either. Several clothing options and techniques can be employed to stop the color from transferring to the doll's surface.

The dye used is more critical when it comes to staining than the fabric of your sex doll's clothing. Cheaper clothing has a higher likelihood of bleeding and color transfer. Darker hues are also more likely to stain than lighter ones. A quick fix is to run the clothing through the washing machine a few times to see whether the colors will bleed. They should be okay to use on your doll if they don't bleed when being washed.

A sensible alternative is to buy underwear for the doll if you want to outfit your doll in striking colors but are worried about stains. Choosing materials with a little more compression may be advantageous since this will make it simpler to clothe the doll in outerwear. Additionally, this method prevents surface stains and for more excellent fashion improvisation.

If there is specific clothing you want to use for your doll but are concerned about stains, as a last option, attempt a quick test. Place a little piece of the cloth tied in a knot on a doll's finger, then wait. Check to see whether the finger has any stains on it. If they have, they will probably discolor the rest of the doll. This makes it simple to decide if a costume is secure for your doll without running the risk of damaging its surface.

Discoloration on your sex doll may be treated, even if it may seem like a big problem, by washing the afflicted region and giving it the proper attention. Try not to overreact and be patient while you wait for the stain to go since it will with time.


It is essential to consider the clothing's weight, fit, and color while dressing a sex doll in addition to its color. If clothing is overly tight or heavy, sex doll skin can be permanently transformed, unlike human skin, which gradually returns to its former shape. Therefore, it's crucial to be cautious while selecting the proper fit and weight of clothing to prevent harm to the doll's surface.

Keep the clothing's tightness in mind while choosing outfits for your sex doll. Stockings, corsets, and bras should only be worn occasionally and for brief durations. Such apparel can permanently damage and imprint the doll's skin if worn for an extended period. Pick comfortable, loose-fitting attire for everyday usage and storage to protect your doll.

You should also consider the clothing's weight when dressing your sex doll. Heavy objects like pants and coats may pose issues depending on how the doll is housed. The weight of the clothing may push down on the doll's skin if it is maintained in a prone position, such as on a bed or in a box, which may eventually cause the skin to distort. Some physical features (such as the buttocks and breasts) may not instantly show this, but it might make them appear less sculpted.