What is a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are 1:1 ratio simulation of human bionic dolls, TPE or silicone material simulation of human skin, soft and smooth feel, alloy simulation of the human skeleton, you can pose a variety of poses, not only can be used as an adult product, but also as a model kits to accompany their own.

Currently on the market is mainly divided into two materials of sex dolls: silicone material, TPE material.

On the basis of these two materials are divided into three material matches: all silicone sex dolls, all TPE sex dolls, and silicone head plus TPE body sex dolls.

Here are the pros and cons of each of the three material pairings, as well as market pricing:

All silicone sex dolls: the details of the performance of real, is the closest to the real person inside all simulation dolls in addition to wax statues, relative to the TPE material is hard, but high temperature resistance and strong acid and alkali, due to the relatively expensive raw materials, as well as production and processing need to be vulcanized treatment, so the cost is higher, the current market price is generally in the 3000 U.S. dollars or so.

Full TPE sex dolls: the details of the performance is not as real as silicone, but the touch is softer than silicone, closer to the real skin, not resistant to high temperatures above 200 degrees, as well as strong acids and alkalis, due to the raw materials are relatively inexpensive, the processing of only hot-melt processing, so the cost is relatively low, the current market price of about $ 1500.

Silicone head plus TPE body sex dolls: not only the silicone head performance of the real also has a TPE body of soft smooth, the current market price is about 2000 U.S. dollars.

It's worth mentioning that only silicone heads can be implanted, while TPE heads are not